The Yonans are a longtime entrepreneurial family that’s been in the customer service business for decades. They take pride in being involved with the community and the service industry. Not to mention, their attention to detail has meant that they’re not only successful, but have made countless couples’ dreams come true. In fact, Tina now spearheads a travel agency to assist with couples looking to honeymoon.

The Yonan’s presence in the service industry stretches back for generations. Ed’s father started working with jewelry in 1942, and Ed opened his jewelry store in Merced in 1986 before opening the Turlock store, Yonan’s Jewelers, in 1996. These days, the entire family works in concert, from Ed and Tina to their daughters Sofia, Sarah, and Sabrina.

Ailin Yadegarian joined the jewelry store twenty years ago and serves as our Director of Operations today. She’s also spearheading the Wedding & Event Consultant position at Yonan’s Floral. Yonan's Floral has years of experience in providing wedding flowers and decorations. The Yonans’ expertise has earned them a reputation for providing stunning décor and excellent service.

With so much combined experience, opening an event venue was the natural option. To achieve this, Ed Yonan sought out expertly qualified resources. With the assistance of James Brenda [JKB] and Dr. Vallarine, Ed was able to bring a peerless event venue to Turlock.


With a broad array of expertise, JKB Development collaborated with the Yonan family to realize their vision for the perfect event venue. JKB Development is an established local company—renowned as both innovative and creative—and was integral to making The Grand Oak what it is today.

James and his team are visionaries and have been excellent to collaborate with. His experience has been instrumental for this project and we appreciate the partnership.
— Ed Yonan

Dr. Alan Vallarine

Dr. Alan Vallarine is an investor in The Grand Oak, as well as an established family dentist located in Turlock. Dr. Vallarine prioritizes high quality patient care, and is presently the director of First Step Dental and Orthodontic offices.