We aim to be an event venue that can host them all. The Grand Oak can accommodate a cabaret-style concert in the Ballroom with food, drinks, green room, state-of-the-art A/V system including Sonance speakers, and masterful acoustics due to our specially-chosen ceiling tiles and cork-bottom floors. We have 10 bass speakers and subwoofers to provide a 360 music experience that can be heard throughout the venue. Our Terrace also has speakers, and can hold a stage for the ultimate in outdoor music.


We Provide:

  • Audio/Visual

  • Green Room


Add-On Packages:

  • Live Streaming

    • Live-streaming, personal IP addresses, and 4K video capabilities

  • Floral & Décor Services

    • We offer decadent flower walls, flower chandeliers, and flower candelabras as well as glimmering rose gold, gold, and silver candle holders. Order floral through Yonan’s Floral and get 10% off your purchase. For more information, contact The Grand Oak. All linens & décor are courtesy of Yonan’s Floral.

  • Hookah Bar

    • Customizable to your needs.

    • Unlimited refills with purchase of package.

    • Comes with hookah attendant.

  • Cigar Bar

    • Customizable to your needs.

    • 20 cigars per box.

    • Comes with attendant to cut and light cigars.

  • Experiential Options

    • Spot and LED Lighting

    • Ice Sculptures

    • Photo Booth

  • Valet Parking

    • We offer multiple attendants to valet your car so that all of your guests are taken care of, from start to finish. We also offer to call an Uber for guests who require it.

Upcoming Events

Check back for more information!